Uplifting Science Facts of 2020 in 60 Seconds

In 60 seconds, we will list as many of this years uplifting studies as I can to make you feel a little more thankful this Thanksgiving.

  1. The pandemic has reduced the air pollutant, N02, in the atmosphere by 20%.

  2. Remember the hole in the ozone? It shrunk to the smallest size on record.

  3. As a side benefit, we may have saved 1.5 billion birds!

  4. Astronomers identify 24 superhabitable planets – planets better suited for life than Earth.

  5. Plus there’s definitely water on the moon.

  6. Renewable energy sources hit record growth this year.

  7. Solar energy is now the cheapest electricity in history.

  8. Meat production is down as vegetarians become 14% of the world’s population.

  9. Conservation groups are seeing a surge in members during the lockdown

  10. A new poll says trust in science is growing around the world.

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