What is SciCom?

SciCom is “SciComm” which is also “Science Communications.” It is the science of communication and the communication of science. Science Communication is the difference between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Greenfeld. Never heard of Neil Greenfeld? ...EXACTLY!

Why is comedy important for science communication?

Scientists want to be taken seriously. So why would we encourage comedy? Because comedy is a backdoor into understanding. For your audience, learning something new can be scary but, as my former boss Neil deGrasse Tyson used to tell me, “people can’t laugh and be afraid at the same time.” He then got back on his pegasus and soared into the sunset. Half of this story is true.
Comedy can demonstrate confidence, creativity, humility, empathy, and rapport. Audiences retain more information longer when they enjoy receiving it. Laughter increases energy, interest, and approval of a topic. Plus it’s just fun. I mean, why did you click on this site in the first place?

Can you write or help write my-

YES! Pretty much, whatever it is, we can write or edit it. We do website copywriting, content writing, article writing, presentation writing, speech writing, academic writing, advertising copy, and love poetry for secret diaries. That last one costs extra. Our specialties include science comedy writing and explanatory writing for lay audiences.

So you can help me with my speech or presentation?

INDEED! Four score and seven weeks ago… we created this company to offer professional speech writing services! We’d love to not only write your speech, but help edit an existing speech, punch up your draft with funny joke pitches, or coach your performance! Sarah has professional experience performing as a speech ghost writer and has performed at comedy clubs all over New York City and Carolyn has experience defending her PhD dissertation. So between the two of us, your presentation will be as entertaining as it is informative!

Do you do public relations?

YEP! We can help you get published in online media outlets, brainstorm your advertising campaign, coach you through media appearances, or develop an SEO strategy. We can assist with social media as we’re fluent in Instagram-ese, Facebook-ish, Twitter-ali, and many other social media languages.

Can you build my website?

ABSOLUTELY! We love to create websites! Just check out this thing you’re looking at right now! We built this ourselves. We particularly like developing sleek, responsive websites on Webflow. In particular, we offer:

- HTML, css, javascript 
- Embedded web forms
- Web content / copywriting
- Embedded newsletter sign up form or pop up
- Responsive to different devices
- Compatible across browsers

- Basic SEO (adding metadata, creating a sitemap, checking Google Diagnostic tools)
- SSL certificate for added security
- Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel 
- Disability friendly for blind/deaf users
- And much, much more!

Do you offer science communication workshops?

HECK YES! We offer personalized SciComm training. We will coach you, one-on-one or in a group if preferred. In our individualized strategic coaching sessions, we will go through your body of work and develop strategies to explain your ideas on different levels of understanding. We will pitch you jokes and metaphors and helpful quotes! We will also run exercises like improv for scientists and tech professionals. You will come away inspired and with significantly improved communication skills.

Do you offer online courses?

KIND OF! Our online webinars are currently being developed. For now, check out our YouTube channel and LinkedIn for tips on how to improve your communication skills! We promise to goodify your speak-talking real nice and very much.

Can you guys help me with my data reports?

FRICKIN YEAHHHH, WE LOVE DATA! Did you know 87% of humans get confused and 62% get bored during 73% of all reports using statistics 94% of the time? We’re here to change that! We can provide custom built scientific data reports and improve your data visualization using ggplot2 in R. We can also explain or deconstruct your data in layman’s terms and spice up your reports with jokes and explanatory metaphors. Just like a… like a person who uses metaphors.

Do you speak any other languages?

¡CLARO QUE Sí! Nosotros hablamos español.

Is an enthusiastic affirmation your response to all these questions?