Our Work

Science Communication

Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks with Sophia the Robot, which we helped develop with Hanson Robotics, about Covid-19 and Artificial Intelligence (how meta!)

Our founder Sarah Rose Siskind chats with The New Yorker about remote comedy during the Covid-19 lockdowns

We gave a talk at Yale University about Science Comedy and what makes it important
Our founder, Sarah Rose Siskind, gave a keynote address at SXSW 2024 called "Science Comedy: Why It's a Thing & How to Do It"

Sophia the Robot, our Hanson Robotics collaboration, reviews other robots from pop culture on Buzzfeed Video

Check out our viral TikToks for Nautilus Magazine

Hello SciCom founder Sarah Rose Siskind kicks off a debate about the legalization of psychedelics in comedic fashion

We collaborated on the Disney+ show Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

Our founder, Sarah Rose Siskind, wrote a piece on Medium about the power of Covid tracking applications to mitigate spread

Our humorous column on the latest in psychedelic science

We collaborated on a super secret Science Comedy show for National Geographic

Our humorous piece on aging for Proto.life received 30k hits and led to 64 subscriptions
We chatted with Grist about finding the funny within tough topics like climate change

We wrote this video with the NYC Government to help New Yorkers understand the voting process


We helped a Honda robot become 25% more mindful through humor in a study that won a "Best Entertainment and Amusement Paper" award
We talked to Business Insider about the perils of boring chatbots

We went on a work trip to the United Nations to Premiere Several Clients
We co-wrote a paper with the Honda Research Institute on designing emotive voices
for robots
We worked with Alethea.ai to launch the world's first iNFT, an interactive and emotive blockchain creation
VentureBeat explores the intricacies of Alice, the iNFT we worked on with Alethea.ai
We weighed in on the conversation around Artificial Intelligence taking over creative jobs

We helped craft the personality of Sophia, the subject of this Showtime documentary on increasingly lifelike AI robots

Our founder Sarah Rose Siskind chats with an iNFT version of Darth Vader in another collaboration with Alethea.ai

Our work with Hanson Robotics is on display as Sophia the robot celebrates her fourth birthday, we are so proud of her

We helped create two chatbots that sold for over $1M at Sotheby's

We consulted on Glasgow University’s submission to the Amazon Alexa prize which won $100K and took second place