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Script writing & Comedy

StarTalk: Interview with Neil deGrass Tyson

BuzzFeed: Sophia the Robot Rates TV Robots

Alethea: Negging Darth Vader & Other Complex Interactions with an iNFT

IQ2 Debate: Comedic Intro

Key Notes

Science Comedy Talk at Yale

The Hello SciCom team at Yale

Sarah spoke on Comedy in Tokyo!

Sarah speaking in Tokyo, Japan

tv consulting


Hello SciCom did some limited consulting on Limitless, a phenomenal show about longevity and health on National Geographic, starring Chris Hemsworth!

A panel for Limitless, with Chris Hemsworth, directed by Darren Aronofsky

Untitled Science Comedy TV Show

Hello SciCom is at work at a super-awesome, super-secret TV show for a major network! We’d like to tell you (WE REALLY WOULD) but we’d violate a bunch of NDA’s and have to kill you.

Speech Writing

White House Correspondent's Dinner: Punching Up Rob Chernow's Speech


Life Sciences


Sophia 2020 - A Vision for Robots Who Can Help PeopleThe Making of Sophia: How Sophia DrawsThe Making of Sophia's Singing VoiceWhat Does Sophia the Robot and a Four-Year-Old Human Have in Common

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