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  • Technical and creative consulting
  • Personality bible creation
  • Interactive script writing
  • Training data creation for neural networks
  • Character social media presence
  • Voicee performance recruitment and direction


Don't let your chatbot be generic. Give it a character and your users will thank you for it. We're a team of comedy writers turned roboticists with backgrounds in AI. We can write a character bible for your social robot, consult on the design of your robot, write for your interactive chat system, create training data for your generative bot, or improve your presence on social media.

Neil deGrasse Tyson calls us "a creative engine of science comedy for all those who seek it."
David Hanson said that "not only did they bring wit; they brought insight, creativity, passion, and purpose."


We’re the creative consultants for robots at multi-billion dollar companies and award winning academic chatbots. We’ve even sold two interactive chatbots at Sotheby’s for.a total of $1.2 million. There’s a lot more bragging on the next page.

Block graph showing Honda's robot engagement improved significantly before and after Hello SciCom's edits in terms of flexibility, connection, understanding, respect, appreciation and mindfulness


You want people to engage with your bot. How do you keep people interested? Humor is an effective way to increase the user experience. Read our interview in Business Insider on “Why AI Should Not Be Boring.”


We’ve increased the numbers of social media followers of robot and AI characters online by up to 50x, and we’ve run social media accounts for clients with hundreds of thousands of followers, like Sophia the Robot with over 215K followers on Instagram and over 134K on Twitter. Some of our posts have gone viral.

Sarah with the robot Haru
Sarah with Sophia on the set of StarTalk
Carolyn and Sarah on the red carpet with Sophia
Sarah with Spot
Sarah dancing with robot
Sarah reading a book with Sophia


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We have written multiple papers with Honda Research Institute published in social robotics journals about conversational design. One paper won the "Most Entertaining" award.

Head of the robot Sophia

We were the powerhouse personality-creation team behind Sophia the Robot, who’s at places like The Tonight Show, Buzzfeed, and the U.N.

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We’ve developed the personality for digital characters who have chatted with celebrities like Mark Cuban and Ron Howard, and created an AI-powered avatar for Volkswagen who lived in the dashboard.

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We’ve helped create two AI-powered interactive characters that sold at auction at Sotheby’s for $500K and $700K

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Our work on Sophia the Robot features prominently in a forthcoming Showtime documentary. Here’s us on the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere.

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United Nations

We’ve worked with the United Nations through our work on social robotics.

Sarah Rose Siskind speaking at a conference

We’ve hosted academic conferences in Japan and Sweden, and given keynotes, lectures, and speeches at institutions such as Yale University.


Sarah Rose Siskind rocked out all kinds of writing for us, from Sophia's personality and chatbot authoring, to social media, to TV events. Not only did they bring wit; they brought insight, creativity, passion, and purpose. I deeply appreciate their super work, and look forward to many more collaborations with them into the future-- to the Singularity and Beyond!

David Hanson, PhD
Founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics
David Hanson with Sophia


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