Social Media
Hello SciCom team filming TikTok video.
  • We produced TikTok videos for Zero To Mastery (18.2k likes), which offers online coding classes.
  • We wrote, shot, and posted tons of videos combining general TikTok trends and brand-specific content for a nutrition company.
  • Three videos have gotten over 65k views. Several more videos have over 10k views .
An Instagram of Sarah and Sophia the Robot
  • We ran the Instagram for Sophia the Robot (167k followers), for whom we wrote, shot, and posted tons of content on Instagram like this (with tens of thousands of likes).
  • We're starting an Instagram Reels series for a robot at Honda Research Institute.
A Screenshot of the Hello SciCom Youtube Intro video
  • Wrote, shot, and edited an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson for his show, StarTalk.
  • Wrote, shot, and edited content for the Sophia the Robot YouTube like this.
  • Received more than 10k views on our own ad.
  • Wrote, shot, and edited serialized content for Alethea AI (explaining chatbots) like this.
  • Wrote and edited YouTube webseries with hundreds of thousands of views per video like this.
The Hello SciCom team brainstorming tweets
  • We started the Twitter for a robot at Honda Research Institute and increased their Twitter followers 120 in a month.
  • We controlled the Twitter account for Alethea AI (49.5k followers) and Sophia the Robot (134k).
  • Some Twitter memes we've made for Sophia went viral. And mentions. And fun threads.

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