Who Are We?

What happens when a comedy writer and a data scientist have a baby? The world may never know. But when they form a company together, you get Hello SciCom!

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Hello SciCom combines science communication and comedy to help science and tech-oriented people get their message across. To achieve this, we bring together a dynamic team combining the powers of science, technology, and entertainment. Coming from a background in comedy, Co-founder Sarah Rose Siskind was previously the head writer for Neil deGrasse Tyson's Emmy-nominated TV show, StarTalk, and has written comedy for UCB, Fox, CBS, and the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. Co-founder Carolyn Ayers started in academia with a PhD in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, and later led a science communication team for the Hong Kong based company, Hanson Robotics. Together, Sarah and Carolyn combine their expertise to help good ideas be heard, and make smart people funny. 

Our Philosophy

Hello SciCom is dedicated to furthering scientific literacy by making science and technology fun, engaging, and accessible.

We believe in promoting the principles of evidence-based thinking, nuance, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and open mindedness.