16 Tips To Be LESS BORING in Video Conferences!
  1. Make an entrance

  2. Add an element of timeliness.

  3. Make sure your lighting, spacing, and sound are okay

  4. Watch people's faces to make sure they are paying attention

  5. Hamburger Method: Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them

  6. Bribe your Audience: Promise to show them a cat video at the end of the call

  7. Be interactive: Call on specific people to avoid confusion

  8. Use images

  9. Use videos

  10. Use your hands

  11. Use Comic Sans--- just kidding. But lying does keep your audience on their toes.

  12. Take a live poll

  13. Have a celebrity make a cameo

  14. Use live demonstrations

  15. Use special skills you may have

  16. Keep your promises

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