Articles and Blog Posts
We specialize in writing articles related to science and technology that are equally parts entertaining and informative.
Or priced per project by request.
Content CheckList:

- Website Copy
- Articles
- Blog Posts
- Medium Posts
- Social Media
- Interviews and Speeches
- Online Media Outlets
- Academic Journals
- Grant Applications

Whatever it is you need, we can write or edit it. We do website copywriting, content writing, article writing, presentation writing, speech writing, academic writing, advertising copy, and love poetry for secret diaries. That last one costs extra. Our specialties include comedic science comedy writing and explanatory writing for lay audiences.

We can also help you get published in online media outlets, brainstorm your advertising campaign, coach you through media appearances, or develop an SEO strategy. We can assist with social media as we’re fluent in Instagram-ese, Facebook-ish, Twitter-ali, and many other social media languages.

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Welcome to Hello SciCom

We help science and tech companies communicate their ideas in a way that is clear, accessible, and engaging.

We combine science, humor, and entertainment to make STEM ideas engaging to broad audiences, without sacrificing on scientific accuracy and nuance.

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