Speech Writing and Editing
We will write a new speech for you or punch up your existing one.
Or priced per project by request.
Four score and seven months ago… we created this company to offer professional speech writing services! We’d love to not only write your speech, but help edit an existing speech, punch up your draft with funny joke pitches, or coach your performance!

We specialize in making science communication and tech presentations more entertaining. Whether you will be addressing an academic, business, or general audience, we are here to help make your speech more memorable.

Members of our team have diverse professional experiences ranging from ghost writing keynote speeches delivered at international conferences, performed at comedy clubs all over New York City, and successfully defending a PhD dissertation. With our help, your presentation will be as engaging as it is informative!

Previous Work


- White House Press Correspondent's Dinner
-United Nations Development Program
- Today Show
- Nightline
- Mobile World Congress
- Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson
- Squawk Box
- The Economist Gala
- Web Summit
- CSIS Global

- Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
- World Youth Forum
- Venice Biennale
- Young Presidents' Organization
- Harper's Bazaar
- L'Oreal Women in Science
- Buzzfeed
- This Morning
- IAA World Congress

Welcome to Hello SciCom

We help science and tech companies communicate their ideas in a way that is clear, accessible, and engaging.

We combine science, humor, and entertainment to make STEM ideas engaging to broad audiences, without sacrificing on scientific accuracy and nuance.

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