Hello SciCom offers STEM Comedy & Communication workshops that grant attendees in the STEM fields  practical, innovative and personalized comedy and communication skills to incorporate into their work. Participants will come away from this workshop with personalized talking points to communicate their research, company, tech, book, project, or any major idea they wish to spread.

The Hello SciCom Science Comedy Workshop will give attendees specific skills, tools, and feedback to create more engaging public-facing communications, whether that be a Ted Talk, social media strategies, writing, marketing, and more. Participants are also welcome to attend without specific projects in mind in order to get a general lesson on comedy writing for a scientific audience.

Attendees will fill out a pre-workshop survey so that the Hello SciCom can best assess their needs. The workshop will kick off with a keynote speech by Sarah Rose Siskind, the founder of Hello SciCom, which provides an overview of the science comedy landscape, specific science comedy case studies, and the types of humor best suited for science comedy. Afterwards, attendees will play improv and other comedy games to warm up their creative sides and will then break into groups to discuss their specific projects and needs. Groups will be led by Hello SciCom staff who specialize in performance, writing, and science communications. This is a great time for attendees to get personalized feedback, joke-pitches, and network with other audience members. At the end of the workshop, attendees will receive a certification of their science comedy skills and leave with a joke-writing curriculum, suggested readings, and personalized ideas for how to make their projects more engaging.

For any scientists or STEM professionals looking to make their communications more accessible, engaging, and entertaining, this is not one to miss!
Learn how to communicate better and improve your delivery during public speaking.
We offer personalized SciComm training. We will coach you, one-on-one or in a group if preferred. In our individualized strategic coaching sessions, we will go through your body of work and develop strategies to explain your ideas on different levels of understanding. We will pitch you jokes and metaphors and helpful quotes! We will also run exercises like improv for scientists and tech professionals. You will come away inspired and with significantly improved communication skills.

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Sarah Rose Siskind delivering speech
Sarah delivering a keynote speech on science comedy.

Performance Experience

We have experience with years of paid performances, including hosting a show at Caveat theater in NYC, dozens of stand up comedy appearances, delivering speeches at Yale and Chapman University, speech coaching a healthcare billionaire for an interview with Barack Obama, and even an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Welcome to Hello SciCom

We help science and tech companies communicate their ideas in a way that is clear, accessible, and engaging.

We combine science, humor, and entertainment to make STEM ideas engaging to broad audiences, without sacrificing on scientific accuracy and nuance.

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