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In an era where science and communication often stand apart, scientists find themselves grappling with the challenge of engaging the public effectively. Whether it is climate or covid, topics in science affect the public at large and humor has been shown to increase information retention. Hello SciCom’s Science Comedy Workshop aims to bridge the gap between scientist and audience by making science accessible and entertaining. This workshop will provide practical, innovative, and personalized comedy and communication skills to STEM professionals.

Whether you have a specific project (Ted talk, branding, social media scripts, etc) you need help with, or just want to learn more about science communication, Hello SciCom offers 3-4 hour science comedy workshops where you can meet our team of award-winning comedians, writers, and scientists  to learn how to unleash the power of humor into science.
What to expect
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Past Workshops

A poster for the Science Comedy Workshop on April 7th, 2024 at Caveat. The poster contains an image of a brain and the Caveat as well as Hello Sci Com logo.

On April 7th, Hello SciCom hosted a Science Comedy Workshop at Caveat in Manhattan. Attended by a wide range of STEM professionals from Neuroscientists to Aerospace Engineers, this event allowed our participants to let loose and find the humor in their messaging. A huge win for science comedy! But don't just take it from us, here are some testimonials, stats, and even a nifty video...

"I LOVED the Comedy Workshop! It gave me a totally new way to look at my field (neuroscience) and got my creative juices flowing for how I can teach others about my work with less jargon and more, well, fun!”
Sarah Rose Siskind delivering speech
Sarah delivering a keynote speech on science comedy.

Performance Experience

We have experience with years of paid performances, including hosting a show at Caveat theater in NYC, dozens of stand up comedy appearances, delivering speeches at Yale and Chapman University, speech coaching a healthcare billionaire for an interview with Barack Obama, and even an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Welcome to Hello SciCom

We help science and tech companies communicate their ideas in a way that is clear, accessible, and engaging.

We combine science, humor, and entertainment to make STEM ideas engaging to broad audiences, without sacrificing on scientific accuracy and nuance.

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