Why You Need Humor to Market Your FemTech Company

September 28, 2023
Sarah Adelman

Every company wants to engage with their existing users, reach new audiences, and get buzz around their product or service.

It is no secret that comedy, humor, and other forms of creative communication are extremely effective in marketing. Duolingo comes to mind as an excellent example of how a marketing team can make a product that may appear to be boring or tedious seem exciting, funny, and engaging. While traditional language-learning apps focus on marketing how and why their product is effective at teaching new linguistic skills, Duolingo focused on why their product is fun, and due to their memes and absurd videos, have quickly become the household name in language-learning technology.

FemTech, a term first used by the founder of the enormously successful Clue app, which tracks users menstrual cycles, is an umbrella term for any organization that uses technology to address women’s health issues, such as telehealth, supplements, health and mood tracking tools, medical devices, and artificial intelligence integration. McKinsey has called FemTech a “revolution”, and estimates that the current market size is as large as $1 billion. It has the potential to skyrocket, especially given FemTech has only received 3% of all digital health investments since 2011 even though women make up half the population and make 80% of all healthcare decisions in the US.

Because there will be so many new FemTech companies popping up over the next few years as interest grows, it is vital for these companies to strike while the iron is hot and find ways to differentiate themselves to customers and investors. While posting infographics, customer testimonials, and photos of employees can be a great start, these marketing tools simply aren’t enough in 2023. Now, consumers not only look to brands as a place to get a service but also as an entertainment center for their area of expertise. FemTech brands like Clue, Flo, Tia, KindBody, and Folx are not only advertising their apps, but have also become thought-space hubs for interesting articles, memes, Q+As, and other content for anyone interested in technology and women’s health. Gaining a reputation online as a funny, fresh, and engaging community will in turn drive new users and grow your brand.

For example, One Medical makes excellent use of TikTok trending sounds and meme green screens to both comment on the crazy world of primary care and drive engagement with their brand. One of my favorite TikToks from One Medical features a video of Jennifer Lawrence crying with a background of a doctor’s office and the text “When you get to your appointment on time and are told it’s a 30-minute wait.” At first glance, this post doesn’t even seem like an ad and simply appeals to anyone fed up with their primary care provider. The caption urges viewers to check out One Medical as an alternative to frustrating wait times. Simple posts like this can show your audience that you are in touch with the times and understand the modern consumer.

At Hello SciCom, we’re excited to launch our new initiative to help FemTech companies grow. Led by Sarah Adelman MPH, who trained as a reproductive health research scientist and moonlights as a stand-up comedian, we can offer a variety of services for your FemTech organization at an affordable cost. Whether you’ve just had a brilliant idea and don’t know where to start, or if you’re an established brand that wants to grow your engagement and reach new audiences, Hello SciCom is here to help. We can curate your website, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media feeds, and create content for you that is informative, engaging, and goes viral. We can also help you write speeches, teach you and your team public speaking skills, and lead workshops for your company to promote team-building. We specialize in the fun, comedic media consulting that traditional agencies are not equipped for. Need help with something not listed here? Just ask! You can schedule a free one-hour consultation with our team to get a better idea of your needs and how Hello SciCom can help.

To the FemTech revolution we go!